Germany Day 2


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Always the drama queen.  But come on… you know what’s really going on here.


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Old drama queen Aaron.  Below, years earlier in Atlanta, Aaron tears up as he heads away from my cross country trip.





Everyone is getting going drinking beer, and celebrating with water.

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I don’t even know how we ended up at an Italian place.  I guess we passed it and it looked good.  We were discussing what we were going to do this day.  Here’s the problem though, if you try to do something normal during Oktoberfest, by the time you show up in the tents it would be an impervious wall of drunken Germans that we may not be able to breech.  What then?

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There was only one option.


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And it’s in to the Hofbrauhaus tent decorated top to bottom with hops.


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It was already crowded but we wiggle in to a table seemingly controlled by this French guy, a couple Belgians and some dude from Michigan.  We’re still in the hurt box a bit from the night before, but in the interest of international relations (and claiming a table) we strike up a conversation with this rag tag crew.


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The hurt box from the night before slowly fades away.

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And it’s gone…

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After a while, our table falls apart (one of the Belgians spilled a beer) we wander aimlessly for some time.


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And things are getting rowdier and rowdier…


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And rowdier.  We need a new table.


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Getting tired.  Need a table.

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But then we spot our boy from Michigan, and he’s got a table!  He’s actually living in North Carolina now but he has the Northern Peninsula of Michigan tattooed on his side.


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And by the time we’re done discussing the tattoo… guess who’s got a table again!!!

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Blaze and I standing on the benches.

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And after you have real estate you get lots of visitors.


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They Love John Denver songs… note you catch a glimpse of blond friend from Michigan, Chris.



Now, the wheels are coming off.  After playing “West Virginia”, the “German Folk Band” breaks in to “YMCA”.  The crowd roars.


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I befriend this girl standing on bench next door.  Jasmine.


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Aaron with a great self-video of walking around the place… is there a fistfight starting in the background?  Also, note Aaron is wearing that French guy’s hat at this point.



Last picture on Bob’s camera from that night!




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Aaron and I soldier on.  Sort of.


DSC01662 (Small)

There is a 1 second clip which really says it all:




We find ourselves on a grassy knoll.

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Then we go on to make a series of photos of Aaron in a phone booth:


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DSC01670 (Small)


Then bumper cars.


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There is a movie of the bumper cars.  It’s a bit embarrassing, I guess. 

Especially, since I am chasing a car of girls around trying to hit them.




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