Germany Day 3

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We wake up and we don’t need beer.  We need a walk and some normal lunch.

Well… we get our walk anyway.

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We don’t get our normal lunch.

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After lunch, we somehow end up in the Lowenbrau tent.  It’s Friday, it’s early afternoon and it’s already crowded and noisy.

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We can’t even beg a table.  But we convince a waitress to serve us at a service station.

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Sidenote here: At the above serving station I get served a liter with a big gash of glass knocked off the top.  Even though I need a beer to deal with this tent, I’m ready to pass as to not ingest glass and “destroy my esophagus”.

Bob decides this is “preposterous” and I am a “pussy”.  He mans up and drinks the glassy beer.

  Blaze, doing a crane kick on a cliff in Irelend.


While I’m off on a tangent I would also like to point that coincidentally, though Lowenbrau is anything but a popular beer in the U.S., we had a Lowenbrau decoration on our wall at 516 Stadium at Purdue.  Remember this picture I busted out my Purdue page?  Probably 1998 and it’s an argument over a flip cup game.  Me, Oke, Dirty Dustin and Goose all visible.



Ok… back to Oktoberfest.  Lownebrau is a nice tent, but we’re already too late (and a bit worn down) to make a play for it.

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So we roll the dice.  We figure everyone in Munich must be at the beer tents so why not flank their position and head right to the belly of the beast the original Hofbrauhaus.




Well, it’s definitely less insane than the beer tents.  But none the less we are laughed at trying to get a table and a beer.

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But just then Aaron begins pleading to a table of Belgians using choppy German, and actually putting his hands together saying “please we are so thirsty”.  It pays off.  The dude with the mustache loves the Detroit Pistons (his sister is a resident apparently).

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And to our own surprise we begin digging in to beer steins…. Again.

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And the hurt box slowly fades away.

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The Hofbrauhaus is ok, but we miss the excitement of the beer tents.  Plus, apparently Adolf Hitler used to hang out here and it just isn’t the same fun.  We’re getting a bit down and subdued.

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Blaze has a plan though.

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He puts a challenge out to a table of rural German young men telling them he can out drink their best man in a chugging contest.  They put up “Julian”, who swiftly comes over to see what the fuss is about, then swiftly chugs his remaining beverage.

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I go through the rules of this chug off.  Julian seems unfazed, but maybe getting nervous at how serious we are about it.

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We discuss this at length.

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Julian’s friends, clearly concerned for him, drag him out of the bar before any real contest can take place.  We completely missed out on a classic (and a sure victory for Bob)… but more importantly Blaze is successful in getting the fire going again!!!


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We hang with our Belgian friends and assorted Oktoberfest misfits…

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I clear the table.


And we head back towards our Hotel and Oktoberfest.

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Here’s Bob with the hotel bar waitress.  Brief note here:  The night before, Blaze left the beer tent before Aaron and I.  He never mentioned he had logged some time in the hotel bar.  But when we walk in… they all know Blaze and are happy to see him back. 

They offer “Same drink as last night, Bob?”

Blaze replies, with a nervous smile, “Uh, ha ha, what was I drinking last night?”

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Too be fair remember where I was last night…

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So we kill some time in the hotel bar.

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But boredom is creeping in…

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So Aaron and I drop Bob in the room, after we watch him clean his flip flops on a shoe shiner.

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We head out.  We can’t stand the thought of beer tents at this point.

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So… we end up in a bar instead.

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Then a youth hostel.

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We chat with a few young Americans and offer them life advice.

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They are uninterested in our life advice.

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And we are uninterested in giving them life advice.

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Well that pretty much ended our Oktoberfest trip! 

If you want to see what we did the next day...

well go ahead.

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