Disclaimer: When I do these trips, I’m often criticized that the pictures I post are all of me and my friends drinking.  This has then led to the assumption, by some, that drinking is all my friends and I do on these trips.  That isn’t true at all, it just seems that way from the pictures I choose to post. This trip is an exception to this.  It’s Oktoberfest in Munich and every cultural experience possible that week revolves around one activity: drinking beer.


Bob gets some practice in Logan Airport before the flight.

IMG_1991 (Custom)



I join the training session.

IMG_1992 (Custom)



Blaze gets some needed shut eye on the red-eye flight so we can show up with fresh legs.

IMG_1993 (Custom)




En route to the Munich from the airport.




Similar picture from the Ireland trip a couple years prior…








Hotel checkin: Complete.  Separation of double beds: Complete.  Go to beer tents: Incomplete

IMG_2008 (Custom)





Outside the fairgrounds… not a good sign.  It’s mid-afternoon.

IMG_2012 (Custom)




Then we hit Oktoberfest.

Here’s the deal…

Oktoberfest is in a big open space in Munich called Theresienwiese.  There is a giant fairgrounds with everything you expect at a carnival.  There are also massive beer tents.


IMG_2013 (Custom)




Inside the massive beer tents people are doing pretty much what you expect.  Sitting at large tables on benches slugging beer and listening to German folk bands.  It’s very crowded but fairly subdued during the earlier hours.

IMG_2014 (Custom)




So Bob and I jump in.  We’re kicking things off at the Augustiner tent.


IMG_2015 (Custom)



It’s smoky, sweaty and beginning to get a bit sloppy.


IMG_2016 (Custom)



But I make a new friend (who speaks no English) and we communicate by clinking glasses.  He later brings me over to the kegs and forces me to watch them tap open the kegs.


IMG_2018 (Custom)



Girls in dirndls start getting a little frisky standing on the benches.


IMG_2020 (Custom)



Bob gets a picture with the waitress who was nice enough to take pity on a couple clueless Americans looking for a table.  This represents the last time a waitress will help us find a table, so indeed special she was.


IMG_2024 (Custom)



Meanwhile things are really picking up with more bench standing and dancing. 


IMG_2025 (Custom)



Band rocking out pretty good.  Sticking mostly to German folk songs at this point.


IMG_2029 (Custom)



Lederhosen and dirndls abound.


IMG_2031 (Custom)



Bob later posted this picture on Facebook with the comment “Jake’s 3 food groups”.


IMG_2033 (Custom)



I work my way back over to the keg farm that the German guy showed me for a picture.


IMG_2032 (Custom)




Blaze and I may have tackled Ireland on St. Patrick’s day. 

But Oktoberfest is gonna need backup….







Aaron arrives.


IMG_2041 (Custom)



Blaze cracks a bottle of water open to celebrate.  At Oktoberfest you celebrate with water.


IMG_2040 (Custom)


Here is Aaron’s first shot on his camera

DSC01623 (Small) 


Aaron is not here to mess around.  As it turns out he also knows some baseline German.


IMG_2043 (Custom)



We stop and fuel up on some German grub, and meet yet another friend.  Aaron sharpens his German by filling in the English blanks… we understand this man’s brother had drank too much beer and had gone to bed.  We then discuss automobiles at length.


IMG_2045 (Custom)



We have the man take our picture

DSC01627 (Small)



Unfazed by the story of the man’s brother we head back to the Oktoberfest.  On the street which leads from the fairgrounds to the hotel, a fitting landmark to get you home.  This comes in handy.


IMG_2052 (Custom)




IMG_2054 (Custom)


Just moments before the above photo was taken, Aaron, the new arrival, interviews me about my confidence level for returning to the Oktoberfest:




We’re going to take this place down.  Notice in the background, things have deteriorated.  Most are now standing on benches and the band is now really cranking.  We’re back in the Augustiner tent.


IMG_2056 (Custom)



Blaze is burying steins.


IMG_2070 (Custom)


Blaze takes in the sites and sounds

DSC01636 (Small)



And the band is now playing both German folk songs mixed with crowd pleasers like John Denver’s “West Virginia”.  This turns out to be a particularly popular song.

IMG_2058 (Custom)



Bob is so happy about receiving a new stein, he and Aaron pose with our waitress.


IMG_2061 (Custom)





IMG_2063 (Custom)




It’s a full on shit show of lederhosen, dirndls, smoke, and Augustiner at this point.


IMG_2074 (Custom)


IMG_2075 (Custom)



And we keep rolling.


IMG_2078 (Custom)



Even the Germans can’t believe we’re still rolling.

IMG_2079 - Copy (Custom)



And we’re kind of still rolling…

DSC01635 (Small)




And when we’re finally done in the Augustiner tent… we need a taste of America.  Guns!!!

IMG_2083 (Custom)



Aaron and Bob later claim they were “screwed” in this game as they hit all intended targets but ended up with crappiest prizes.


IMG_2086 (Custom)



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